Transcribe speech to text accurately in real-time

Convert speech into text using an API powered by Silicon Express’s deep-learning technologies
  • Convert audio and video content to text at scale
  • Utilize pre-trained speech models optimized for various use cases
  • Process live content to offer accurate transcriptions

World-class speech transcription services

Accurately transcribe audio and video with an API that is easy to integrate. Implement Speech-to-Text for a wide variety of use cases with our pre-trained speech models.

Generate subtitles for live and recorded videos

Increase accessibility for your online and offline content, meetings and conferences, in real-time and at scale

Implement in-app voice commands

Improve customer experience and optimize search through voice commands to your products and applications

Analyze speech-based data

Gather relevant data by converting speech to text to improve product analytics through sources like customer calls

Increase accessibility and improve engagement by converting speech to text at scale

Easy to implement

Get started in no time with our pre-trained speech models for a wide variety of use cases. Our APIs are built with the ease of integration in mind.

Fast and accurate

Built on a billion megabytes of training data and the most advanced neural network technology today, we guarantee high quality transcriptions.

Highly customizable

Support for custom speech-to-text capabilities is available, from asynchronous audio file transcription to real-time speech recognition.

A tailored approach for your business

We offer 2 billing methods for each Speech-to-Text feature: Post-paid and pre-paid. Post-paid is a pay-as-you-go billing method that charges on historical consumption. Pre-paid allows you to purchase a service package before the usage begins at a lower unit price.