Reinvent retail experience with Silicon Express

Technology-driven shopping experiences that are personalized for your customers.
Your shoppers will not only have a unique online shopping experience but also become fans of your brand. Our solutions, fueled by Silicon Express’s cutting-edge technology, give you everything you need to pioneer the future of retail.

How our technology-driven solutions improve your business?

At the core, we help you understand and connect with your customers better than ever before, during every stage of the buying lifecycle. This allows you to enhance the user journey and provide personalized customer experiences at scale, which can be done to expand your audience, improve conversion rates, and increase brand loyalty while also delivering higher ROI.

Boost customer acquisition

  • Create a sense of community within your customer base and expand your reach by engaging directly with new consumers at scale.
  • Customers appreciate a positive experience, and they will buy more, return more frequently, and become brand ambassadors. This has never been more evident than today, with 73% of customers referring to interaction as a crucial aspect in their purchasing decisions, and 43% of clients prepared to pay extra for greater convenience.
  • In this day and age, staying ahead of the competition is key for retailers if they want to stay afloat. Price isn’t everything — customers also crave social experiences, personalised offers, and more from the brands they support.

Increase sales and deliver superior ROI

  • Use insight and customized interactions to operate at peak efficiency. More conversions and a higher ARPU come from having diverse recommendations that are relevant to your users.
  • A personalized experience is what 9 out of 10 customers desire when buying online. Suggest the items they enjoy in real time using our state-of-the-art machine learning technology, and then use our data and testing tools to continuously iterate and optimize their shopping experience.
  • This ensures that you really get to know your clients and that you may develop long-term relationships with them, which helps you retain and grow revenue.

Deepen brand loyalty

  • Personalized experiences that create strong emotional connections distinguish your business from competitors.
  • By integrating live video shopping into your platform, you can adopt an acquisition strategy that keeps up with changing times. Retail and entertainment are blurring today, especially for younger shoppers who would rather shop alongside their friends and social media influencers. That way, your company’s strategy will be human and innovative while still being cost-effective.
  • With annual ad spending in retail on the rise — by as much as 47% — it’s more important than ever for retailers to grab their audience’s attention through innovation. By implementing our AR tools, you can give your viewers stunning experiences that feel lifelike, and let them test out products without even leaving home.