Power instant customer reach with Silicon Express Cloud Communications

Reach users around the world with the right message at the right time from a single platform
  • Fast implementation
  • Business needs based scaling
  • Flexible pricing

Customer communications simplified

Silicon Express Cloud Communications helps centrally manage SMS communications in a fast and reliable way.

Tailor messages to meet regional requirements

Create and manage multiple message templates to comply with regional regulations.
  • Numeric and alphanumeric Sender ID compatibility, including brand names, long and short codes and toll free numbers
  • Sender ID registration and existing number porting support
  • Onboarding and regional compliance support

Use case specific message routing

Balance network resources and prioritise SMS delivery based on time-sensitive requirements.
  • Deliver important messages such as one-time passwords and security alerts instantly
  • Optimize marketing and promotional conversion rates with batch SMS sending

Utilize Silicon Express Cloud Communications for your messaging needs

Deliver important messages instantly

Streamline everyday operations and support end-users through sign up processes, identity verification, time sensitive notifications, automated alerts, and more.

Reach at the right moment with the right message

Serve one-to-one and one-to-many messages that boost engagement, improve loyalty and drive conversions. Share promotions, offers and re-engage dormant customers.

Enable SMS as a key interaction channel

Engage your customers during critical moments of the lifecycle journey and ensure a smooth service experience. Enable payments, support, and feedback via SMS.

Why Silicon Express Cloud Communications

Global coverage

Spanning 230 plus countries and localities

Deep carrier relationships

Hundreds of network provider and operator connections

High reliability

Handling millions of messages every month