Transform device screens Into personal try-on rooms

Leverage the most cutting edge in computer vision technology to deliver immersive brand experiences with Silicon Express AR Try-On.
  • Web and app based solutions
  • Multiple product categories supported
  • Easy integration and rapid go-live

Make online shopping memorable

Empower your shoppers to try on thousands of products from wherever they are and in the comfort of their own devices.

Multi-category compatibility

Silicon Express AR Try-On is compatible with several product categories right out of the box. Shoppers can experience jewelry, watches, footwear, and luggage like never before with Silicon Express AR Try-On.

Hyper-realistic representations

Silicon Express is flexible to work with existing product models or recreate 3D models from scratch. Silicon Express can replicate distinct characteristics like shine, reflection, transparency, and finish to a high level of realism.

Stable and immersive experience

Silicon Express AR Try-On uses tried and tested computer vision models for motion tracking. Provide an AR experience that is seamless and smooth on websites and apps.

Embed AR into the heart of your brand experience

Virtual Try-On

Web and app based try-on capabilities with no markers or reference points needed. Customers can try hundreds of products online from their own devices.

Magic Mirror

Bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping. Implement large screen AR experiences in retail locations for unforgettable shopping experiences.

Coming Soon

Build up hype and anticipation for soon to be launched products. Allow select customers to get sneak peeks of upcoming product launches to ensure launch day success.

Accelerate your business goals with Silicon Express AR Try-On

Multi-channel support

Implement Silicon Express AR Try-On for all your product categories in web and app environments.

Drive better experiences

Delight shoppers and create brand champions by presenting engaging product opportunities at scale.

Improve conversions and revenue

Get more clicks, conversions, and purchases with more customers electing to buy after trying products virtually.