LTL Freight

Silicon Express makes Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping services easier than ever. We can meet a single logistics need or help your company improve its entire transportation program. Dealing with LTL freight rate structures and classifications can be a confusing process. Our experienced team can help you find the best value for your shipping dollar, book your shipments, and provide you with real-time tracking tools to stay informed. We are not just freight brokers – we are your business partners, working with your company to get the finest and most-experienced LTL freight carriers and the most value out of your freight budget.

Expedited Shipping

When it comes to moving your mission-critical shipments, SLX is the premier choice by thousands of clients around the U.S. As a leading expedited freight company, we understand that time is a valuable commodity and that there is a huge price for failure when a shipment does not deliver on time. At SLX, our clients count on us as we have the expertise to meet the specific needs with air freight options and expedited freight service options. Same day or next day — Our customized solutions are created by our experienced staff to meet your needs. Expedited freight moves from origin to destination with dedicated equipment and almost no stops or delays compared to regular LTL.

Truckload Logistics

We provide truckload logistics for your shipments depending on your specific needs. Our scalable solutions are guided by our core principles of putting the client first. Our experience in meeting our client’s current needs is second to none in the industry. Our capabilities are focused on driving down costs including transportation, administration, detention and back charges that may be related to late deliveries. Our implementation of analytics and historical data coupled with our driven staff that are seasoned veterans is another reason that SLX is a leader in the Truckload industry.

At SLX, our seasoned Full Truckload experts are available to you to provide optimal cost and transit time, load tendering and dispatching, following up on the load with regards to the delivery timeless and invoice validation and processing. We implement technology with our clients so that our operational excellence is driven by our owners down to our drivers. These costs saving methods allow our clients to scale their specific truckload needs and supply chain to grow their various business units. Truckload benefits that SLX Transportation Services offers:

  • Leveraged purchasing abilities with national, regional and local carriers in our database
  • Diligent safety standards and requirements
  • Cargo insurance options for excess cargo liability for high-value shipments
  • Risk Management consulting for high-value shipments and or high claim frequency products
  • Current Market Intelligence insight for trends to lower your overall logistical costs

Partial Truckload

SLX has perfected the process of procuring carriers that suit your company’s freight needs while providing the most value for your transportation spend. Volume shipments, partial TL, air freight, or expedited freight shipping, we dedicate ourselves to producing the most efficient logistics solution for your business’s unique requirements. Our experienced teams work hard to find the right carrier to meet your specific needs on larger shipments that are not exactly a truckload but much larger than the normal LTL shipment.

Specialty Freight

Silicon Express accommodates clients that need logistical support with specialty freight. From intermodal to oversized or overweight shipping, we have ample experience in transporting specialized shipments while keeping costs low, offering our clients the best value for their shipping spends.

Air Freight

When you absolutely, positively must have it delivered in a timely manner over a long distance, air freight may be your only option.  At SLX we handle shipments every day that are “mission critical” for our clients. Regardless of the challenge that you’re up against, SLX will work to meet the needs that your team is up against.

Flatbed Transportation

At Silicon Express we know that it can be a challenge to find the flatbeds when you need them.  Capacity in the flatbed transport market can fluctuate drastically based on the day as well as the time of the year.  Our team at SLX has the tools in place when it comes to meeting your flatbed services, regardless of what they may be.

Third-Party Logistics

At SLX, we’re a leading service provider and can specialize to meet a single logistics need or we can help you to improve your entire transportation program. Clients trust their third-party transportation to us due to our depth of industry knowledge, reliable delivery, and our ability to provide the best value.

International Logistics

At Silicon Express, we provide many options for our clients when it comes to international freight services and logistics solutions. We are strategically aligned with DHL Express, as well as other solution providers, to meet your global shipping needs.