Dutch Express

Address: 100 6th Ave, New York, NY 10013, USA
Phone: +1 212-717-5555

Dutch Express is a delivery company that services businesses with unique and specialized delivery needs in the New York area. Based centrally in New York City, Dutch Express is a rare courier service that works closely with clients to improve their business in many areas, such as leveraging the multiple touch points a courier service has with its customers’ clients.

How we are Different
Your business is different. Your business model is unique. We recognize your needs are different and a delivery company can be so much more than it is today. Dutch Express is not only a courier delivery service, but by understanding how a client’s business operates, only then can we truly leverage the partnership our courier service has with our clients. We focus on understanding how your business interacts with your clients and use our services to enhance your value. Whether we provide a co-branding service or share a co-created delivery script, our highly trained delivery messengers are well educated, well-spoken individuals capable of delivering your best image.