Industrial Machinery

When it comes to providing logistics for moving industrial machinery, SLX is a recognized leader in this vertical. We understand the ever-changing needs of shipping machinery that comes in various sizes and shapes. From a single crate to multiple truckloads that need to arrive on site for crane offloading, we have the knowledge, the expertise, and the teams in place to make your most challenging logistical requirements handled properly. Silicon Express understands that the service continues after the delivery or your machinery. Once your machine is on site and set up, you will typically need replacement parts such as new molds, milling plates, and other consumable parts that regularly wear out.

Manufactured Goods

Silicon Express is your source for reliable freight shipping your manufactured goods. With years of moving virtually every type of manufactured product imaginable, we have the dedicated teams available to meet your specific requests when it comes to manufactured goods freight shipping. We understand that there are tens of thousands of different commodities of items that need regular LTL transport, TL transport, and or rail transport. From raw materials to finished products, our sales consultants and operational teams can work directly with your supply chain managers in customizing a plan that is tailored to meet your needs.

Nutraceutical Logistics

Silicon Express has provided logistics for the nutraceuticals and vitamins vertical. Freight shipping vitamins and nutraceuticals require in-depth knowledge of the products and industry, and a network of reliable, high-quality carriers. Our knowledgeable Sales Consultants and Operational team members understand the timely need when moving raw materials in the manufacture of Nutraceuticals and Vitamins. We also understand the high value of these items as well and work to provide safe, insured transportation of these goods.

Fixture Logistics

Retailers large and small are consistently changing their floor plans with new store fixtures, new shelving, different layouts and new racks to display their goods. SLX works closely with you to find the best option for your store fixture logistics. We know that sometimes these items can be moved via LTL for the small retailers and the larger ones require FTL transport. Our team knows how to pick the right carrier partner for your specific needs. While some fixtures may be crated, many need to be blanket-wrapped and have challenging delivery requirements. We work with our clients to understand their level of expectation and work to ensure the safe transport of the custom-made retail fixtures. Damages are never an option as, often, these fixtures are custom made for a specific store.

Restaurant Equipment

SLX has been providing commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment transportation services for complicated shipments such as ovens, mixers, coolers, ice cream machines, display cases, water coolers, conveying lines, and many other items. At Silicon Express, we work to address those needs in advance to avoid problems when the restaurant equipment arrives at the delivery location.

Aerospace Shipping

Many of the raw materials such as high-value metals need to be handled properly and moved expeditiously. Silicon Express offers aerospace logistics and aircraft transportation services that carry out careful yet reliable transportation of delicate, valuable aircraft parts. Our team works directly with your supply chain team to meet the agreed upon delivery dates on Just in Time moves. Regular stock transfers are also handled and used when the cost is the issue and timing is not the priority.

Pharmaceutical Logistics

Pharmaceutical logistics has changed drastically over time. Most pharmaceuticals, but not all, require temperature controls in place to ensure the integrity of the goods while in transit. We understand these requirements and once they are provided by the client, we work to meet those established standard operating procedures, such as pharma cold chain transportation.

Chemical Shipping

At Silicon Express, we have the knowledge and ability to provide safe and efficient chemical transportation services. Chemicals at times may be hazardous or non-hazardous. As a leading chemical logistics company, we work closely with you to find the best freight carrier and shipping options that fit your specific shipping needs. From a simple single drum of dry or liquid chemicals to an entire truck, Hazmat or non-Hazmat, we have solutions.

Trade Shows

Silicon Express provides complete Trade Show Shipping Services and can accommodate all your product and exhibit transport needs. Whether your requirements are ground or expedited services, Silicon Express has the resources and trade show freight carriers to help you get your product on the show floor on time.

Cosmetics Shipping

Silicon Express offers cosmetics logistics for our clients in the cosmetics and toiletries industry. Cosmetics freight transportation necessitates industry knowledge to meet the requirements of several key factors. Cosmetics tend to be temperature sensitive and require special handling and consistent movement. These types of items, either in a raw material form or finished goods also have a high value with regards to the weights being shipped.

Building Materials

For years our dedicated teams have been working to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. In the construction industry, building materials transportation is a vital part of any project. Whether you’re in need of a one-time expedited shipment or on-going managed construction materials logistics, Silicon Express has the experience and industry knowledge to safely deliver your shipments.

Electronics Freight

As a technology-based logistics provider, we understand the need that our clients have when they request to ship their high-value servers and networking technology. From your everyday laptops, desktops, cell phones and all the accessories that go with those items, you can have peace of mind with our technology and electronics transportation services knowing that items are being moved to your data center, distribution facility, or your new office cost effectively, timely and insured upon your request.